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Family Therapy
$165 + (plus tax) Per Hour
Cost Dependant on Family Size

Is your family dealing with a lot of conflicts or have you noticed unhealthy or even toxic behaviours? Family counselling can be complicated but I am prepared to help you and your family figure out a way to manage the difficulties and move past the concerns. Some families may be encouraged to also do some individual or couples therapy if that is appropriate or needed based on the concerns. If you and your family are ready to start feel free to book your free consult or first session today!

What is Family Therapy?

Family therapy is a form of group therapy aimed at working on and resolving family issues and concerns. The main goals of this form of therapy is to help the family understand, communicate, and support one another better especially during times of hardship. Family does not have to be biological as if your chosen family is having issues this therapy can also be very helpful. Families can consist of parents and children, couples, grandparents, siblings, close friends and/or caregivers. This also includes polyamorous families.  

Family therapy is ideal for families where the dynamic of the family is causing concerns, or one members concerns are affecting the whole family unit.

Important Aspects of Family Therapy:

The therapist may see you all as a large group or occasionally in smaller groups or individually. Group size will be discussed to ensure the grouping will be productive and helpful overall. Important goals for family therapy are: building stronger and more effective communication, develop more trust and understanding for one another, build and maintain healthy boundaries, reduce conflict, and facilitate problem-solving. 

To faciliate those goals discussed above each member will be encouraged to share beliefs, values, experiences, morals, needs and hopes. Others will listen without judgment to increase understanding of others experiences, reduce blame, and help to find avenues to reduce issues moving forward. This way the family is workign together with the guide of a therapist to accomplish their family goals. 

What Can Family Therapy Help?

  • Concerns about children

  • Marital issues (fighting, separation, divorce)

  • Strained relationships

  • A family member's mental health concerns affecting the family unit

  • Extreme conflict due to one or more member's choices

  • Unhealthy boundaries or family dynamic

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