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Areas of Practice

Shannon does work in other areas of mental health but those listed are the main areas of focus that she sees every week. The demographics Shannon works most in are Adults, Couples, and LGBTQIA2S communities.

Trauma/ PTSD 

You deserve to have support to help with your trauma and PTSD symptoms. You no longer need to feel alone!

ADHD/ Neurodiversity

Late in life diagnosis and having a hard time navigating this? You just need someone who understands what you are going through? You have only have to ask!

Sex Therapy

You deserve a nonjudgmental space to discuss intimacy topics with someone who has heard it all!

Chronic Illness

You deserve to no longer feel misunderstood, to finally get support, and to not feel isolated. Chronic illnesses change your life, it is okay to get the support you deserve!

Couples Therapy

Relationships are hard enough, having a hand to help wade through the issues can be so helpful!

Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety and stress are so natural for us, until they have a mind of their own. With support we can have a plan in place to make sure they are more in control and not controlling you!

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