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Couples Counselling
$150 (plus tax) Per Hour

Couples counselling is a collaborative process that helps to process any relationship difficulties you are experiencing. Every couple is different and so is the therapy needed to help it. Come with your individual needs for the relationship and be open to discussing those hard questions. I am here to help your relationship. Yes, I am available for relationships that are open, poly, asexual, and more. Contact now to book a free consultation or your first session today!

What are the benefits of Couples Therapy?

Couples therapy is effective at helping develop better communication, process issues that are occuring or have occured in the relationship, discover and help individual concerns that may be contributing to the relationship struggles, develop healthy boundaries, develop or maintain healthy intimacy, and help aide in understanding.

When is a good time to consider Couples Therapy?

Therapy can be a helpful tool for any relationship at any point in the relationship. There is no right or wrong time to start. It is common to see one or more partners in the relationship feel unhappy, or feel like their personal needs for love are not being met. I see many couples waiting until they reach a crisis point (infidelity or close to breaking up due to being unhappy. Due to this the crisis is the sole focus of the discussion in therapy, which means not all of the underlying issues are going to be discussed. I would never say do not seek therapy or help during a crisis, in fact definitely do that. However, coming in for help before a crisis can often prevent that crisis from occurring in the first place. Many couples suffer in silence for fear of judgment or burdening those they love. That is why therapy is the perfect place to help you and your partner(s) relationship so that we can process and work through issues before they become a crisis in the first place. You are not alone nor should you have to be.

What issues does Couples Counselling help?

Couples Therapy is ideal for many issues within a relationship. This includes but is not limited to communication, sex/intimacy, infidelity, non-monogamy/polyamory concerns, major life changes, financial concerns, separation, pre/post-marital, issues related to starting a family, and parental concerns. Finally, couples counselling is helpful for couples with one or both dealing with individual concerns that are creating issues within the relationship (such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, mood disorders etc.). 

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