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Group Services

Now Accepting a Waitlist! For some, group therapy and support groups do wonders. Groups are ideal for clients who want to build a community, support that is specific to the problem at hand, or feel like they are not alone or the only one dealing with this concern alone. You do not need to feel alone or ignored anymore!

There are two probono or sliding scale spots out of ten. The cost per group is listed below each group. 

Chronic Illness Support Group

Having chronic illnesses can be very lonely and filled with uncertainty. With this group, you will no longer be going through this alone, and you will finally feel like someone understands. This group meets bi-weekly and virtually. There is a lot that is sometimes missing in groups similar to this one. This group will not only discuss every aspect of the chronic illness experience but we will never shy away from the hard topics. Contact now to get on the waitlist and book your intake interview to ensure you are a good fit for the group culture.

$100 per month


Couples Group Therapy

This group is ideal for couples who are wanting or needing more support beyond basic couples therapy. This group will of course provide you with a community of couples dealing with the same or similar struggles. When we are having issues in our relationships it can feel like we are alone out to sea without anyone who understands, and we usually keep those struggles to ourselves to avoid the possibility of burdening family or friends. We also keep it to ourselves for fear of judgment or unhelpful suggestions. You no longer need to feel this way! This group will meet bi-weekly and virtually in small groups.  Contact now to get on the waitlist for this group and complete the intake interview to see which group is the best fit for you. 

$125 a month

Forest Path

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Contact now to do an intake interview and get your name(s) on the waitlist for groups today!

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